The Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring Welcomes a New Doctoral Student

We are thrilled to welcome a new doctoral student from the University of Massachusetts Boston to our lab!

Jordan Cherry is a first year graduate student in Clinical Psychology at UMass Boston. She holds a BA in Psychology and Medical Anthropology from the University of Virginia and has research interests pertaining to bridging barriers in accessibility to mental health care, specifically for different cultural communities.

Jordan is enthusiastic about promoting community-driven solutions to address mental health concerns within marginalized groups. Her particular interest lies in exploring how individuals with limited formal training in mental health, like mentors and community leaders, can play a significant role in alleviating mental health struggles. Her aim is to examine how taking cultural differences into account when understanding mental health and well-being can enhance access to support for communities that have been historically overlooked by established psychological frameworks.

Her research focus extends to innovative approaches beyond conventional mental health interventions. This includes studying the potential of digital platforms, community-engaged research, and initiatives led by paraprofessionals to extend mental health services to culturally diverse youth. Within this realm, Jordan is particularly invested in youth mental health. She want to assess the viability and impact of interventions like peer support, mentorship, and creating a supportive environment for accountability.