Connected Futures: Building a Supportive Network for Educational and Career Advancement

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The Science

Connected Futures is an evidence-based curriculum designed to help students form meaningful connections with supportive, non-parental adults in their lives. From teachers, to coaches, to extended family members, and beyond, these adults are a critical resource for students’ engagement and success. Students learn why mentors might be helpful to them, and are also equipped with skills to actually build and grow their social networks.

Built on years of research and evaluation, Connected Futures empowers students to develop the knowledge, confidence, and skills they need to connect more effectively with adults who can help them achieve their goals. Initial evidence suggests that students who complete Connected Futures have more positive attitudes about seeking help from adults, closer relationships with their teachers, and even higher grades.

In addition to general content about setting goals, addressing common barriers to accessing social support, and handling rejection, students also receive targeted information about cultivating relationships with mentors within their particular school context. Scroll through the boxes below to learn more about examples of topics specific to each course.

Course Objectives

  • Getting connected with on-campus mentors and resources
  • Setting goals and de-mystifying academic majors, graduate school, and career options
  • Networking to set up your life after college

Course Outline

  • What are mentors and how can they help you?
  • Who is in your network? How can you build your social capital?
  • Putting knowledge into action.
  • Thinking about school context. Tips for future connection.

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