CEBM gets Highlighted in The Community Psychologist’s Summer 2023 Issue

The Community Psychologist (TCP) is SCRA’s (Society for Community Research and Action) newsletter, provides an informal venue for SCRA members to exchange ideas and information. It includes brief reports and reflections on the practice of community research and action, as well as updates and announcements of interest to members. Regular features include columns on women’s issues, public policy, international issues, students’ concerns, racial and cultural affairs, and job opportunities. SCRA members receive four issues of TCP each year.

Assistant Director Megyn Jasman recently wrote for The Community Psychologist’s Student Column about inspirations to pivot her career path from individual-treatment models to community- level prevention. In addition to working at the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring, Megyn is a graduate student in Community Psychology, exploring ways community-based programs can help prevent the development of adverse mental health conditions, as well as bridge gaps in services, particularly among disadvantaged populations.

Her excerpt discusses how the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring is currently working on innovative approaches to college student support, by leveraging technology to connect mentees to networks of mentors and personalized resources. See below for the full issue or visit here.