Mentoring for Youth Mental Health

Learn evidence-based strategies to support youth mental health as a mentor.

Decades of research says that mentors can support youth in meaningful ways. However, recent evidence suggests that mentors can be most beneficial when they are supporting youth in learning specific skills. In this course, mentors will learn how to leverage their caring relationship with their mentee to support them in learning how to express their feelings and cope with challenges.

Join Dr. Alexandra Werntz – the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring’s new Associate Director – and other leaders in the mentoring field to learn about ways you can support youth mental health. Course participants will learn how to use evidence-based strategies developed by decades of research and implementation by clinical and community psychologists and redesigned for use by mentors who work directly with youth. This course is designed to encourage mentors to think critically about their important role in youth’s lives as someone who can model healthy mental health skills and encourage conversations about feelings.

This course is designed for mentors who work directly with youth, in addition to program staff with an interest in expanding their program’s offerings. Course participants will receive exclusive access to digital tools developed by the Center for use with youth. The course will be taught synchronously over Zoom, so attendees can participate from anywhere! Participation in this course will also come with access to this course through MentorCorps, Dr. Jean Rhodes’ newest digital tool to support mentors and programs. MentorCorps allows course participants to interact with each other to create networks and engage in discourse.