Eila Prats Brugat is a PhD candidate from the University of Girona (Catalonia, Spain). She is in her third year of her PhD program, and she’s completing her international stage as a fellowship visitor in Center for Evidenced-Based Mentoring in Boston. She studied Pedagogy and her masters was about inclusive education, both completed at the University of Girona.

Her PhD research is generally focused on how mentoring can contribute to create safe spaces and social supports with immigrant youth during their settlement process after migration so that they feel integrated in their new host society.  More specifically, she had been working on mentoring’s support in second language acquisition and gender issues during the settlement process. Now her research interests correspond with the necessity of introducing gender perspectives in mentoring projects. She is excited to learn more about American mentoring as she studies at the CEBM.

Eila’s advisor at the University of Girona, Dr. Òscar Prieto-Flores, has collaborated with Dr. Jean Rhodes on mentoring projects previously, including a comparative study of youth mentoring programs in the United States and Continental Europe.

We are thrilled to welcome Eila to our team for the fall 2022 semester!