Therapeutic Mentoring

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The Science

This course is taught by the pioneer in therapeutic mentoring, Josephine Cardona, MA. Based on the standards set forth by the State of Massachusetts for the certification of therapeutic mentors. Youth mentors can play a critical therapeutic role in the lives of youth. There is a need for building competencies of mentors in the areas of mental health theory, research, and practice to ensure youth have access to high quality, strengths-based, culturally responsive, and effective mentors. We plan to apply to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health with the goal of becoming a board-approved CHW training program. As of now, we have not yet received approval for this course to be a board-approved CHW training program. For more information about the CHW application, see:

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the history and context of therapeutic mentoring
  • Learn basic core competencies of therapeutic mentoring paraprofessional mental health care
  • Learn best practice in mentoring for mental health promotion and treatment.

Course Outline

This course is designed to cover the competencies of therapeutic mentoring for most states:

1. Outreach Methods and Strategies
2. Individual and Community Assessment
3. Effective Communication
4. Culturally-based communication and care
5. Health Education for Behavior Change
6. Support, Advocacy and Coordination of Care for Clients
7. Application of Public Health Concepts and Approaches
8. Advocacy and Community Capacity Building
9. Documentation
10. Professional Skills and Conduct