Ramya Ramadurai

Summer 2023 Intern

Ramya Ramadurai, MA is a rising 4th year doctoral student at American University in Washington DC, interested in examining factors that enhance therapy outcomes- especially within digital mental health interventions.

After graduating from Boston University in 2016 Ramya was a post-bac research assistant in the CARE Lab at McLean Hospital and is currently a member of the Interpersonal Emotion Lab under the supervision of Dr. Nathaniel R. Herr, as well as an extern at the Washington DC VAMC. Her research has focused on both understanding affective, identity, and relational difficulties in mood and borderline personality disorders, as well as understanding therapeutic processes in digital specialized treatments such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

She is passionate about harnessing the adaptability and scalability of these interventions to deliver culturally responsive care. Ramya is thrilled to be working with the CEBM team to study implementation processes as well as mechanisms underlying change during app-based interventions.