Monica Arkin

Graduate Student

Monica Arkin received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Michigan in 2015. As an undergraduate student, she was involved in research that examined children’s and adolescents’ psychological resilience in the face of adverse life experiences such as experiencing the death of a parent and exposure to community violence. Following graduation, Monica spent a year in Jerusalem where she interned at the Israel Trauma Coalition and volunteered in the psychiatry department of Hadassah Hospital. For the past three years she has been a research assistant at Child Trends, a non-profit and non-partisan social science research organization committed to improving the lives of children and their families. At UMB, Monica is interested in studying pathways to resilience after exposure to potentially traumatic experiences in both children and caregivers. She will be working with Dr. Jean Rhodes.


Zachary, M., Arkin, M., Rhodes, J., & Lowe, S. R. (2022). The effects of maternal disaster exposure on adolescent mental health 12 years later. Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology [PDF]

Chan, C. & Rhodes, J. (2013). Religious coping, posttraumatic stress, psychological distress, and posttraumatic growth among female survivors four years after Hurricane Katrina. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 26(2), 257-265.[PDF]